The Best Product for Facial Peeling & Redness

Tear down peeling and soothe the red with mild cleansers and moisturizers.

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Every glam girl wants to put her best face forward, but when facial peeling and redness take over, it may leave you feeling less than glamorous. Don’t let a peel here or there taint your skin. Put on your shopping shoes and head to your local beauty supply store for the best product to tone down the red and restore your silky smooth skin. A skincare product can make a difference when it comes to flashing a fabulous face.

Mild Cleansers

Daily cleansers with harsh chemicals can dry out your skin and cause red blotches to invade. Knock out peeling and redness by opting for mild cleansers free from deodorant, fragrance or alcohol. Mild cleansers work to retain the moisture in your skin to reduce peeling while soothing red blotches. Gently apply a mild cleanser twice daily with warm water and a washcloth for best results.


Peeling skin needs some tender love and care. Moisturizer provides the oils and moisture your fab face needs to clear up peeling and soothe reddish tones. Moisturizers with petrolatum, mineral oil and lanolin work best for extra dry and sensitive skin. Generously lather on the moisturizer to dry and red areas of your skin to bring back a silky smooth complexion.

Prescription Treatments

Extremely dry skin and redness can leave you in a state of distress. Not only can irritated skin cause a blow to your ego, it can also cause physical discomfort. If this is the case, it’s time to call in professional reinforcements. Consult with a dermatologist to find the perfect product to clear up your fab face. A dermatologist may recommend tetracycline oral medication to whisk away redness or a prescription moisturizer to clear up peeling skin. If acne is contributing to the problem, your dermatologist may recommend oral acne medications or topical creams to tone down the red.

Glam Treatments

Although dry skin and redness have invaded your face, it doesn’t mean you have to tone down the glam. Treat the peel and soothe the red with medicated makeup. Cover up extreme redness by dabbing on a green- or yellow-tinted concealer. Treat dry skin while glamming up, too, by using tinted moisturizer instead of liquid foundation. Until the peeling heals, avoid using dry powder on your face.

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