How to Prevent Scars From Scratches

Keep your skin scar-free by caring for scratches properly.

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So you've got a nasty scratch on your face. That's what concealer's for right? Well before you just cover it up and move on, you need to make sure you handle it properly so a temporary scratch doesn't become a permanent scar. Give your scratch a little TLC during the healing process so you can maintain your perfect complexion without concealer. Before you know it, the scratch will be history, and there will be no signs of a scar anywhere in sight.


Clean the nastiness out of the scratch as soon as it happens. Wipe down the scratch with a washcloth and cool water, then wash around the scratch with mild soap and cool water. Steer clear of using hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, vitamin E and iodine. These types of products can slow down the healing process, which can lead to scarring.


Keep your boo-boo covered. Remember as a kid how a bandage made everything better? Well, covering your scratch with a bandage isn't going to necessarily make it feel better, but it will help with the healing process. It not only keeps out dirt, bacteria and other irritants, but it also keeps the wound moist, which speeds up healing. Smear a light coating of antibiotic ointment onto the scratch, then slap a bandage on. Do this until new skin begins to grow where the scratch is located, and change the bandage every day.


No picking, please! Once a scab forms on your scratch, it's tempting to pick it off. After all, the sooner that scab is gone, the faster your face is it's unblemished self again, but don't do it, girl! A scab is the body's way of healing, and picking it off is a sure-fire way to leave an ugly scar behind.


Say no to the sun -- until the scratch heals anyway. The UV rays from the sun slow down the healing process and can discolor the scratched area of the skin, leaving a scar. So if you do plan on soaking up some rays, lather up with SPF 15 or higher sunscreen, and keep the scratch covered with a bandage.


Give your scratch a massage as the new skin begins to grow in. Massaging the skin will help break down the bond of collagen, which will reduce the chances of a scar forming. Grab some moisturizing lotion, and massage a few drops onto the area using a circular motion. Do this for 30 seconds, three times a day.

Things You'll Need




5.SPF 15 or higher sunscreen

2.Mild soap

4.Antibiotic ointment

6.Moisturizing lotion


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