How to Prevent Sagging in Pleather

Pleather clothes can be sexy when treated the right way to prevent sagging.

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There's no shame in wearing pleather. Whether you're a vegan or just a girl on a budget, fake leather made from plastic can serve as a handy alternative to real cowhide when it comes to clothes, shoes and bags. Pleather clothes and accessories can range from obviously plastic to a believable imitation of the real thing that may even fool all of your girlfriends. But plastic and leather are not created equally. Goods made from pleather can sag, especially clothing items such as pants, which get a lot of wear and need to be able to stretch just a little to hug your curves.


Hand wash pleather items rather than tossing them in the machine with your other duds. Give your pleather clothes a sponge bath with warm water and a mild detergent, then lay them flat to dry in a safe place to keep them from getting stretched out.


Keep your pleather goods flexible by treating them right. Hit up a department store or shoe store and ask a friendly salesperson to recommend a product designed to protect synthetic leather. Rub the product right on your pleather items with a soft cloth, just as you would with leather conditioner or protectant, to keep your faux leather strong and prevent sagging.


Take a tip from fashion designer Althea Harper, whom you may have seen on season six of "Project Runway," and reinforce pleather pants before they get a chance to sag. Turn the pants inside out and run a simple straight stitch down the seams with your sewing machine to reinforce the seams and prevent sagging. Harper says, "It's super simple and takes two minutes to do!"

Things You'll Need


1.Sponge or wash cloth

3.Synthetic leather protectant

5.Sewing machine

2.Mild detergent

4.Soft cloth


Tips & Tricks


Take pleather goods to a professional tailor to have the seams reinforced if you don't own a sewing machine or don't feel comfortable using one on your own.


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Althea Harper; Fashion Designer; New York, NY

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