How to Prevent Mold on a Loofah Sponge

Keep your loofah pristinely clean without frightful mold.

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Using a loofah sponge in the bath or shower pampers your skin luxuriously by exfoliating dead skin, but moisture and a lack of ventilation can add up to a nasty mold problem, and bathrooms are notorious for mold. So, if you use a loofah regularly and it sits wet between your showers, it could also develop mold. Think this through -- mold on your loofah means mold on you! Banish the mold to keep you and your loofah pristine.


Squeeze out your loofah sponge after you finish lathering and exfoliating. You need to make it as dry as possible.


Take your loofah sponge with you when you leave the shower. Don't leave it sitting in your shower in a puddle of soapy water -- this is a sure recipe for a moldy loofah.


Find a dry spot where you can hang your loofah sponge. Many loofah sponges include loops for hanging. If yours doesn't, try using a hook with a clip on it to pinch and hold the loofah -- hanging loofahs dry nicely.


Clean your loofah once or twice a month. Fill a small dishpan with enough hydrogen peroxide to cover the loofah, and drop it in. Prepare yourself -- if your loofah is really gross, it may explode with fizzy bubbles in the hydrogen peroxide. Let it soak for about 10 minutes, then take it out, rinse it and put it away.

Things You'll Need


1.3 percent hydrogen peroxide

2.Small dishpan


Tips & Tricks


Another cleaning option is to mix baking soda and vinegar to make a fizzy liquid and drizzle this bubbly concoction over your loofah. Work the goodness through your loofah to banish the mold, and then rinse it well.


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