How to Prevent Helmet Hair From Motorcycle Helmets

Sure it's safety first, but helmets don't have to crush your 'do.

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Helmets may protect your noggin, but they wreak havoc on your 'do. A helmet can turn your natural bounce into a total flop, and send your biker-babe look straight into neutral. It's hard to pretend like everything's okay when your tresses go from 60 to zero in three seconds flat. If your crushed locks are sending you into a skid, it's time to tame the mane and send helmet head on down the road.


Pump up the volume to keep hat head away. Spritz in a volumizer after shampooing and then blow your hair dry to go as big as you dare. Smashed down hair looks limp and lifeless, but starting out big will give you volume to spare.


Pin your hair up. Pin-ups are different from ponytails--they are intricate (but easy) designs that should remain intact under even the bulkiest bike helmet. To pin your hair, Nick Arrojo of TLC's "What Not To Wear" and author of the book "Great Hair" says that you should use one big pin and then three or four smaller pins to turn your hair from lame to pin-up pretty in just a few seconds flat. To get this look, gather hair at the nape of the neck, twist it and then pin it into place. For extra volume, tease the hair on top with a comb first.


Send your part packing to the opposite side. Reversing your part gives your hair lift, and lift will keep helmet head in check. If your looks refuse to make the move, use a little hairspray to prevent migration.


Get some clarity on your disastrous 'do with clarifying shampoo. Oily looks only make helmet head worse. Clarifying shampoo will rinse clean and keep your hair looking biker-babe hot.


Stop with the conditioner, already! Put that conditioner down if you want your trapped tresses to bounce back. Sure, conditioner gives you silky locks, but it also makes motorcycle mane hard to tame. If you have mega-curls or ultra-coarse hair and just can't drop conditioning, skip the crown of your head and just treat the ends.


Top it all off with a thin silk cap. A silk cap should fit nicely under that helmet, and silk is a miracle worker when it comes to protecting hair and preventing static cling.

Things You'll Need


1.Volumizing spray

3.Clarifying shampoo

5.Non-elastic hair bands

2.Hair pins

4.Silk hat


Tips & Tricks


If your helmet has the ceiling room, a super-high samurai bun may be the way to go, says stylist Mara Roszac in "Cosmopolitan." Piling your hair on top of your head is a good way keep up the volume.

Use non-elastic bands when trying to avoid helmet head. Elastic binds and leads to the dreaded dent head.


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