How to Prevent the Growth of Bunions

Uncomfortable, ill-fitting shoes can contribute to the formation of bunions.

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A bunion is a bump on the side of the foot that develops when the big toe begins to point toward the second toe. The condition worsens over time if you do not take steps to prevent it. Once a bunion reaches the point where it causes severe pain, you will need surgery to have it removed. Women are more likely than men to suffer from bunions, likely because of the fit of the shoes they wear, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center reports. Other possible causes include conditions such as arthritis, foot injuries, genetic predisposition because of foot size, and birth deformities. The key to preventing bunions is good-fitting shoes.


Check your shoes after trying them on to make sure they fit comfortably without causing your toes to feel cramped.


Buy shoes that fit properly. When shoe shopping, wear the type of nylons, tights or socks you will wear with the shoes to help determine a proper fit. Shoes that will help prevent bunions have a wide toe box that do not squeeze the sides of the foot, the Mayo Clinic reports.


Limit the time you spend in ill-fitting shoes that are likely to contribute to bunions. Many women insist on wearing fashionable but uncomfortable shoes to work or for a night out. If you are one of them, pick your occasions wisely so you do not end up with an unsightly bump on your foot.

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If you notice a bunion forming, you can prevent it from worsening by sticking to wide-toed shoes that do not put pressure on the feet, the University of Maryland Medical Center reports.


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