How to Prevent Blisters From Thong Sandals

Banish blisters with a little prep work.

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When blisters make their debut on your feet, you definitely don't feel like bursting into applause. The culprits behind these liquid or air-filled skin pouches are usually friction and pressure that result from wearing kicks that are too loose or too snug. In the case of thong sandals, the straps might be stiff leather that chafes the skin between your toes or on your heels as you make tracks. Give your feet a little TLC before you don your thongs and say bye-bye to blisters.


Take your toes on a dry run in the thongs to alert you to any potential skin snafus. Wear a pair of thin socks while you test out the sandals so that you can detect any rubbing, but not at your skin's expense.


Bring on the foot balm! This thin, waxy film protects tender areas of your tootsies from chafing. When you slick it on, it masquerades as a lotion, but it's truly a barrier in a bottle.


Take a load off if you notice your feet are sweating. Sweat and friction equal blisters, babe. Slip out of your shoes and pat your feet dry with a soft cotton towel before moving forward.


Quash any hot spots on your feet before they develop into full-blown blisters. Place a piece of gauze on the spot, then cover it with adhesive moleskin to buffer the friction between your foot and the thong.

Things You'll Need


1.Thin socks

3.Foot balm


2.Soft, cotton towel



Tips & Tricks


Keep a spare roller of foot balm in your bag in case you need to reapply on the go.

For blister healing help, put some antibiotic cream underneath a gauze and moleskin patch. Repeat until the blister is no longer an issue.

If you have a hot spot and no gauze and moleskin handy, slap a piece of duct tape on the area. It'll work in a pinch.

Avoid popping a fluid-engorged blister, because the blister actually wards away infection.


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