How to Prepare Amla Hair Oil

Use amla oil after a shower.

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You don't have to be an Ayurvedic yogi to make your own amla oil. If you've got an Indian market around the corner, bone up on the major ingredient, dried gooseberries. Oil made from this tropical fruit is like a spa for your hair, with a side of protein shake (hold the muscled gym hottie). It brings the luster back to dry, damaged locks and plumps up thinned-out follicles with a pectin and vitamin C boost. Try this all-natural fix to restore lackluster locks.

Making the Oil


Cut dried Indian gooseberry or amla into small pieces (about the size of a dried cranberry). If you only have fresh Indian gooseberries, lay them on your windowsill to dry thoroughly, then proceed.


Put 2 tbsp. of cut-up amla into a small pot. Pour 2 cups of coconut oil over the amla.


Turn on the burner and cook the amla in the coconut oil. As the oil heats, it starts to take on a brown color from the amla. Continue to cook the amla in oil, until the dried gooseberry pieces look charred.


Remove the pot from the heat.


Strain the oil through a strainer and into jar and seal it with the lid. Discard the charred amla pieces. Now, you've got homemade amla oil. Store this in a dark cupboard and use as needed.

Using the Oil


Bring your jar of homemade amla oil into the bathroom.


Take a shower. Shampoo and condition your hair as you typically do.


Squeeze your hair with a towel, to wring out excess moisture when you're through showering.


Rub a quarter-sized amount of amla oil between your palms. Coat your hair with the oil. Style your hair as normal. The amla oil gives it a shiny appearance and helps restore dry, damaged hair.

Things You'll Need


1.Indian gooseberries


5.Coconut oil

7.Lidded jar

2.Cutting board




Tips & Tricks


Store extra dried amla in a plastic bag. It will keep until the next time you need to make amla oil.


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