What Is Pre-Fall Fashion?


You may have thought you knew all the fashion seasons, but did you know pre-fall? Those in the know are aware that this is the time to see what's hot for colder weather. But before you go to Fashion Week and sling this phrase around, you need to know what it means so you can uphold your reputation of being in the know.

Pre-Fall Lowdown

Not actually a season, pre-fall is the short time when fashion designers display a smaller batch of new clothing before they've actually finished their larger fall collections. So basically, pre-fall clothing is a way to tide you over until the designers' fall lines come out.

Why It's Needed

Besides giving fashion junkies a fix before the fall, pre-fall fashions help retail stores make green while their spring clothes are on sale and before their fall inventory comes in. Additionally, it helps others in the fashion industry get insight as to what designers are putting out for their fall lines.

Pre-Fall Tips

Although fashion changes in the blink of an eye, there are a few universal tips you can take with you when it comes to rocking that pre-fall fashion. Gals in their 20s can embrace a designer's rocker-chick styles. So go ahead and don those leather jackets, miniskirts, booties and large statement pieces of jewelry. And women in their 30s can look like stars with sexy prints that flatter their curves. Think blazers, flippy skirts and gorgeous rock star heels.

When to Find Pre-Fall

If you just have to get your hands on pre-fall fashion, hit the stores in May. This is the time when the spring stuff starts to go on sale -- as it was first put out in the winter -- and before the fall collections hit the rack -- you can expect those in the summer. You will likely find the designers create looks for the fall season, like jackets, shirts, dresses and trousers. But don't expect too many runway shows for this season; the way most designers often show off their collections is on mannequins in the store or clothing on the racks.

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