The Best Powder Foundation for Oily, Acne-Prone Skin

Mineral powder absorbs oil from acne-prone skin.

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For those of you with oily, acne-prone skin, you know there’s a constant battle between your oil glands and acne-reducing products. The winner gets to rule your skin. When you choose a powder foundation, make sure it's fighting against oil to keep you skin clear of acne bumps and blemishes. Several types of powder foundations are available, but the one best-suited for acne prone skin is mineral powder foundation.

What Is Mineral Powder Foundation?

Ground into fine, loose particles, mineral powder foundation includes elements that occur naturally in the earth. The minerals are noncomedogenic and anti-inflammatory, making them excellent staples for oil-free cosmetics and for reducing skin irritation. Mineral powder is highly absorbent, so it’s perfect for keeping the shine factor out of your face – reserving the shine for more desirable places, like your hair.

Mineral Powder vs. Pressed Powder

Applying pressed powder foundation to your face may initially reduce your skin’s oiliness, but it doesn’t have the absorption of mineral powder. Instead of soaking up the oil, pressed powder foundation mixes with it and becomes a thick, slick mask. Pressed powder works better on normal skin. At best, it gives decent coverage for slightly oily skin. If your glands are producing oil around the clock and in overdrive, you need mineral powder foundation to trap the oil and keep it from clogging your pores.

Mineral Powder vs. Cream-To-Powder

Anything with a creamy consistency is not likely to have a positive effect on oily, acne-prone skin. This is true for cream-to-powder foundation as well. It glides on creamy and silky-smooth and dries into a powdery finish. The problem is that the creamy texture makes your face shinier and shine is the enemy in the battle for your acne-prone skin. Though cream-to-powder foundation does offer some matte coverage, it is simply no match for the gloss-reducing powers of mineral powder foundation.

More Reasons to Choose Minerals

Having to constantly check for pimples and breakouts is stressful enough. You shouldn’t have to stress over skin irritation and sun exposure, too. Mineral powder foundation stands out against other powder foundations because it goes above oil absorption and blemish coverage. Mineral powder foundations that contain zinc dioxide or titanium dioxide don’t aggravate skin and they provide additional protection from UV rays when used with an SPF moisturizer.

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