How to Get Pomade Out of Hair

Olive oil is a surprising way to get stubborn pomade out of your hair.

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Pomade is great if you want to style your hair -- and cream pomade washes out like any other hair styling product. Wax pomade, on the other hand, sticks around like a bad house guest. Since normal shampoo isn't going to cut the wax and give you back the radiant hair you had before your pomade experiment, try something a little unorthodox. Even if washing your hair with things from your kitchen feels silly, it's a lot less silly than going out with yesterday's wax sticking to today's hairstyle.


Pour a palmful of olive oil into your hand -- don't cringe, it's good for your skin -- then put it in your hair and work it in with your fingers. Wax pomade melts when it meets olive oil, almost like a really good love story.


Add a handful of grease-cutting dish detergent to your hair. Turn on the faucet and let the water come up to a nice, warm temperature that won't have you shivering in your shower.


Add water slowly -- just a little at a time -- so the detergent starts to foam, removing the olive oil and pomade. Keep scrubbing your locks with your fingers until you don't see any more foam bubbling up on your head.


Wash with a clarifying shampoo. Try to find one with a nice scent -- something that speaks of rain or flowers is always good -- because you don't want to walk around smelling like clean dishes or cooking oil.

Things You'll Need


1.Olive oil

3.Clarifying shampoo

2.Grease-cutting dish detergent


Tips & Tricks


Use cream pomade if you're going to wash out your pomade regularly. It comes out more easily and won't build up like wax pomade.

Pomade isn't designed to wash out easily -- skip it and use styling gel if you're not feeling the messy removal process.


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