Plum Hair Highlights


Plum hair highlights can create a different effect in hair, depending on what other colors you have added in. The size of highlights you get and the placement of the color also affects the overall look. Before you rush off to see your stylist, consider the different ideas and possible outcomes to figure out what look is best for you. When you do know what you want, grab your handbag and your keys, head out and get your plum on!


Some girls aren't even sure what a plum color is. It's a lovely choice for hair highlights, but if you're considering it you should be sure of exactly what color it is. Traditionally, plum is a deep purple shade, with subtle red undertones. It can appear lighter or darker, depending on the color of the hair surrounding it. Plum looks lighter and more noticeable next to a lighter shade of hair, such as blond or light brown, than it does in dark brown or black hair.


It's important to know what size you want your highlights before heading out for your dye job. Typical highlights are thinner, about 1/4-inch wide. This creates a subtle, more natural look in your hair, especially if you're getting plum highlights added to darker hair. You might not even notice the plum color until you see your hair color in the sun or otherwise bright lights to show the rich plum hue. Or you can get thicker highlights -- also known as streaks at 1 to 2 inches wide -- for a less-natural, more dramatic effect.


The placement of highlights is always crucial. There aren't any strict rules to follow, but you need to make the right decision depending on the look you're going for. Plum-colored highlights added around the top of your head are more noticeable and obvious than if they're added around the bottom layer. Or, have them added all around your head. If your hair is a lighter shade, adding plum highlights around the underside of your hair creates the look of lowlights, adding depth and dimension to your hair.


Plum has subtle red undertones and can lose its luster quite quickly, especially if you're not taking proper care of your colored hair. It's essential you use color-protective products that nourish and hydrate your hair, keeping your color looking fresh and fab, not faded. Always use a thermal heat product on your hair before using any heat-styling tools, and keep your hair extra healthy with deep conditioners and masks.

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