How to Plan a Lingerie Shower

A lingerie shower can be elegant and tasteful.

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When it's shower time and you want to make it a lingerie shower, the bride can walk away dazzled and showered with pretty, flirty and racy underthings to start out married life. A lingerie shower can be a time for a bunch of girls to have fun and let loose a little. Just remember, because it's lingerie, you probably want to keep this guest list to the bride's best friends. Plan a lingerie shower to be a sexy soirée where the girls can kick back and giggle.


Assemble the guest list. Ask the bride-to-be for names and addresses of close friends and relatives she'd like to invite. Keep the guest list to fun people who will make this party rock.


Choose invitations that fit with the lingerie theme. A garter-shaped card works perfectly, as well as a corset or teddy card. The idea is to have the invitation show the shower theme to the guests. If the bride registered at a lingerie shop, note this on the invitation.


Deck the halls with pretty decorations that fit with the lingerie theme. Lots of colorful flowers that fit the season work well. Lightly scented candles also click with a lingerie theme. Keep the colors pretty and pastel, or you could make the colors naughty and use black or red, too, depending on your lingerie theme. Streamers and balloons don't really fit with a lingerie party.


Choose your food based on the time of your party. Serve mixed drinks and cocktails to guests for an evening party. Serve a pretty punch if you opt for a midafternoon get-together. Don't forget the cake and make it fit the theme. Have a negligee on the cake and add the bride-to-be's name in icing. Serve snacks, appetizers and finger foods --- almost anything works for this, including finger sandwiches, a cheese and crackers tray, a veggie tray, egg rolls and chips.


Have some fun with games. Ask guests to bring a new pair of underwear to use in a game --- any type of undies will work. As guests arrive, collect the underwear secretly in a big bowl. Have the bride-to-be try to guess which guest brought which undies.


Play "What's in my purse?" Write down a list of common purse items before the shower and assign points to each item. For example, your list might include lipstick (10 points), compact mirror (five points), lotion (20 points), wallet (one point), tissue pack (10 points) and a pen (one point). Assign more points to the less common items. Have the guests take out their purses and add up the points for each item they find in their purses.


Don't forget guest gifts. Send the guests home with scented body wash, pretty garters or nominal gift cards to a lingerie shop.

Things You'll Need


1.Guest list

3.Fresh flowers

5.Food and drink

2.Shower invitations

4.Shower decorations

6.Guest gifts


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