Pinup Hairstyles Done With Braids


Funky, innovative updos may seem few and far between. But with a little creativity, you can create fierce pinup hairstyles that add a little spice to your hair routine. One of the hottest ways to pin up your hair is to wear it in a braided updo that expresses your personality. With the numerous ways to braid your hair up, the possibilities are endless, but there are a few styles that are guaranteed to steal the spotlight.

Braided Bun

Although a bun is one of the most elegant updos around, it's not the most interesting. But when you incorporate braids into the equation, the result is a fresh take on a legendary look. One of the great things about a bun is that you can position it practically anywhere on your head. So whether you opt to wear it in the middle, at the nape, to the side or high atop your head, it should be quite flattering. For the braided bun look, put your hair in a ponytail and proceed to incorporate braids of various sizes. Form it into a bun and secure it with hair pins.

Crown of French Braids

This braided updo is a fabulous combination between hippie chic with a little Renaissance-fair style thrown in. The crown of French braids is a demure hairstyle that also manages to have a nice element of edginess to it. To achieve this style, simply part your hair down the middle and put in two French braids. You can leave some hair out in the front to frame the face or at the nape of the neck. Once your hair is braided, pull each section to the opposite side of your head and pin it down with hair pins to form a "crown" of sorts.

Double-Sided Fishtail

Sure it's a little mermaid-esque, but that doesn't make this hairstyle any less stylish. The fishtail braid in itself is a funky way to add a twist to the classic French braid because the hair is braided under in a different direction and with different hair widths. The double-sided fishtail braid has two braids that form into one. To recreate this style, start braiding a single fishtail braid at the side of your head and keep it going until you reach the nape of your neck. Secure it with hair pins at the base. Take the remainder of your hair on the other side and start a fishtail. When you reach the nape, remove the pins from the other braid and merge it with the current one to form a single fishtail braid.

Braided Chignon With Bangs

A chignon is defined as the process of folding hair over itself, so it is the perfect hairstyle to incorporate a few braids into for an updated look. The braided chignon follows the basic rules of the hairstyle by folding the hair, but it's the braids that are being folded instead of regular strands. First, leave the bangs out in whatever direction you choose. Then pull your hair back and secure in a ponytail at the nape of the neck or the side of the head and make braids that are about an inch wide. Pin the braids by folding them on top of each other and add a sparkly headband for a glamorous effect.

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