How to: Pin-Up Girl Hairstyles

Songbird Gwen Stefani wears her hair in a pin-up girl style.

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As any glam girl can guess, past styles always come back to haunt the present. This is no different when it comes to hairstyling trends, which cycle through the popular vintage looks every few years. But you don't need to be a trendsetter to try out the vintage style of your dreams. Got a penchant for pin-up? Or are you feeling ready for rockabilly? Seek no further than pin-up style icon Bettie Page, whose hot hair will have you hankerin' for a whole new look.


Brush out your bangs and lightly spray them with hairspray to help them hold the set.


Separate the bangs into a top and bottom layer, using a comb. If you have thin or wispy bangs, use just a single layer of hair.


Heat up your curling iron. Clamp the top layer of your bangs into the curler, and roll them under. Hold the iron there for a few seconds, then release the hair. Pin the curl to your head with a few bobby pins.


Curl the bottom layer of your bangs with the curling iron, just like you did in Step 3. Pin this curl to your head with bobby pins. Leave the bangs alone for now.


Choose a curl style for the rest of your hair. Bettie Page-inspired styles today range from super-straight to crazy curls, so decide which way you want to go. If you're straightening your hair, use a big roller brush and a hairdryer to get a smooth look. Like the curls? Keep on going.


Run a handful of styling mousse through your hair. Take a 1-inch section of moussed hair and roll it up into the curling iron. Hold the iron still for a few seconds, then slide the curl off the iron. Bobby pin the curl to your head.


Repeat Step 6 all over your head. Lightly spray all the curls with hairspray.


Take the bobby pins out of your bangs. Gently smooth the layers together with your fingers.


Spray the bangs with hairspray again and lightly tease the underside. Smooth out the bangs with the brush, in the direction of the curl.


Let the rest of your curls down and comb them out with your fingers. If they are too curly for your tastes, gently run the brush through them. Otherwise, give your hair another dusting of hairspray and you're good to go.

Things You'll Need




5.Bobby pins


4.Curling iron

6.Styling mousse


Tips & Tricks


True Bettie Page bangs require a specific haircut, but you can approximate the look with most types of bangs. If you've got time to spare, you can also make pin curls in your hair. Simply roll wet, gelled sections of hair up into curls and pin them to your scalp, then sleep on them. In the morning, unroll and style the dry curls.


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