How to Pin Long Hair Into a Bob

Get the look of a stylish bob without hacking off all your hair.

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Just as there are many gals who dream of having long, lush hair, there are also those Rapunzel-esque ladies who often daydream about a shorter 'do. Just because you may want a change and think a more cropped coif would do, that doesn't mean you have to chop all your hair off. Try pinning your long hair up into a short bob style to get the change that you want, without making it permanent.


Squeeze a small amount of shine serum into one hand. Rub the product together between your palms to blend it up, and then smooth it through your hair. This helps get rid of any frizzy flyaways and prepares your hair for styling.


Divide your hair into a top and bottom section and clip the top bit out of the way. You should have a part spanning from about the top of one ear to the top of the other across the back of your head.


Take a section of the loose hair, about a 2-inch section on one side, and roll or fold it up until it's resting against your scalp. Secure the hair against your head with a couple of bobby pins. Slide them into your hair, one over top of the other, in a sort of "X" shape, for the most secure hold.


Repeat this along the rest of the hair, working in sections of the same size until all of the hair is pinned up. If you have especially thick or unruly hair, you may need to add in a few extra bobby pins to ensure the hair stays properly in place.


Take the clip out of your hair, letting the top half of your hair fall loose. If your hair is layered, the shortest layers at the top will fall over the pinned-up hair and you can just leave your hair as is; otherwise, you simply pin the top hair up against your head the same way as you did on the bottom. Just make sure you secure the top hair underneath the bottom pinned hair so you don't see any of the bobbies.


Finish your lovely, instantly shortened style by spritzing over your hair with some flexible-hold hairspray. Now you're all done!

Things You'll Need


1.Shine serum

3.Bobby pins

2.Hair clip



Tips & Tricks


Opt for bobby pins in a similar shade to your hair; lighter girls should go for brown or copper bobby pins, while darker-haired ladies should use dark brown or black bobby pins.


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