How to Pin Hair to the Side With Bobby Pins

Pinning hair with bobby pins couldn't be easier.

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All you need is a minute or two to create a smashing 'do that's both simple and elegant. Forget all the glam accessories- this one gets its class with simplicity. It doesn't get any easier than using bobby pins to clip your mane tightly to one side. The messier the better for this style! You want it to look effortless, which makes it super-chic.


Work a bit of hair mousse into your hair, spreading it evenly from roots to ends. The mousse will give your hair added texture, which will make it behave.


Brush the hair forward that you want to sweep to the side. Depending on your hair length and any layers you have, you might brush hair forward from around your ears or your temples. Either look will be stylin'.


Decide which way you're going with your hair--to the left or to the right. Gently brush the hair you brushed forward to that side.


Place bobby pins into the hair you swept to the side, starting around your ear. Tuck as many pins into your hair as you need to keep your hair pinned to the side. If you criss-cross two pins into an "X" shape, they'll stay more secure in your hair.


Pull a few tendrils out here and there to make the style look casual and messy.


Spritz the 'do well with hair spray to keep it from moving.

Things You'll Need


1.Hair mousse

3.Bobby pins


4.Hair spray


Tips & Tricks


Don't worry about washing before creating this style. In fact, hair you washed the day before will probably work best.


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