Pimples on Eyebrows

Threading, a treatment that doesn't require any oils or lotions, is an alternative for women who are prone to pimples.

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Nothing showcases a pair of pretty peepers like well-groomed and perfectly arched eyebrows. Brow pimples detract from your look and they are often exceptionally painful. Head to your dermatologist's office if a pimple shows up in the same place more than three times in a month, since this can be a sign of a bigger problem with your skin. If you are battling occasional brow pimples, reforming some of your beauty habits will keep your arches fresh and clean.

Waxing Woes

Waxing is rough on your pores. Sometimes the oil used to remove wax clogs follicles that are left open when the hair is removed. Apply astringent containing salicylic acid four to six hours after your treatment. Salicylic acid can keep follicles clear and soothe irritated skin. Continue applying the product daily to keep bumps at bay. If pimples remain, try a different method. Eyebrow threading, a treatment in which tightly wound threads are used to remove individual hairs, is recommended for the breakout-prone since skin contact is minimal.

Tools of the Trade

Every fashionista needs tweezers and a brow brush to maintain a polished look. These tools hang out in purses and on bathroom counter tops where they pick up a bevy of bacteria. When grimy tools touch the skin near your brows, pimples are inevitable. Wipe tweezers with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol at least twice per week. Suds up your brow brush with shampoo once per week. Beauty guru Sandy Gold recommends scraping the sides of the brush, and between the bristles, with a disposable mascara wand before shampooing to boot hidden dirt.

Makeup Patrol

The brow area tends to see heavy makeup traffic. Women who have discoloration due to hair removal often slather on heavy concealer. Throw foundation primer, foundation, powder, eyeshadow and brow tint into the mix, and the pores near your brows struggle to breathe. Cutting back on the amount of makeup you apply will clear up your skin and make for a more substantial bank account. Check descriptions of the makeup you continue using, and select products labeled "oil free" or "non-comedogenic" if they are to be applied on your brow zone.

Complexion Perfection

It's a given that twice-daily face washing is essential to remaining breakout-free. Even when women are diligent with facial hygiene, the brows are easy to miss since they are covered with hair, and aren't the most obvious places for pimples to claim. Scrub your entire brow area each time you cleanse, and apply toner. Remember that sweatbands weren't invented for the sole purpose of making you look hardcore while getting your workout on. Wear them anytime you might get sweaty to keep perspiration and melted makeup from reaching your brows and clogging your pores.

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