How to Pick the Right Belly Ring Size

Belly rings give your tummy style.

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Belly button piercings are as common as counterfeit purses nowadays; it's a rarity to see a navel that isn't adorned with some sort of bauble. There's good reason why this trend is so popular; it just makes you look sexy. Even pregnant gals can rock a belly button ring and make it look hot. If you are interested in piercing a navel or are just interested in what size ring you should select, you have a variety to choose from. Size typically depends on your preference and body.


Go with the correct-sized gauge. Belly-button piercings are usually performed with 14-gauge needles. The piercing itself is typically 7/16 of an inch long.


Select the size. Initially, most pierced princesses go with rings or barbells that are 1/16 of an inch thick and 3/8 of an inch long. After your belly heals and gets accustomed to the new addition, you can move up in size and go for a longer ring that is about 7/16-inch long.


Bigger is sometimes better. If your belly expands, say due to a new baby on the way, you can still keep your ring intact, but you need to accommodate your swelling tummy. In this case, you require a longer ring, such as a bioplast belly ring. The longer size will still allow your belly to be bedazzled and sexy. Once your tummy goes back to its normal size you can downgrade to the smaller length or keep the longer ring, if you wish.

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If you desire a thicker gauge at the time of piercing, which means you can adorn your belly with thicker rings or barbells, either use a thicker-gauge of needle or ask the piercer to go up in size. If you want the ring or barbell to emerge up farther out of your skin than typical, select a ring or barbell longer than 3/8 or 7/16 of an inch. You can go shorter if you want too; however, don't go smaller than 1/4-inch or the ring might fall out -- this is called migration -- and leave you piercing-less.


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