How to Perm Shoulder Length Hair

A shoulder length perm can be fun and flirty.

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Even long hair needs a pick me up every now and then, and your hair looks like it could use one right now. Zap some life into that ho-hum mane of yours, fast, before it puts everyone to sleep! A perm is the way to go. It will give you body, curl and control without dramatically altering your style. You can still blow dry, flat iron and curl to your heart's content; it will just be easier to do. So, go ahead, make it easy on yourself. Perm it!


Comb your clean, damp hair straight back from your forehead. Part your hair off into six sections and pin it in place with hair clips. Create one section from your bang area to the crown, one from the crown to the nape and two on each side. The sections should measure no more than 2 inches wide, but they will be several inches long. To create the side sections, simply create a vertical part over each ear, separating the side hair into two sections.


Choose your perm rods. The size of the perm rod determines how much or how little curl you will get. Choose smaller rods for lots of curl and bigger rods for body wave.


Place the perm rods in your hair one section at a time. Release one of the sections of hair that you pinned up. Slice off a small1/2 inch by 2 inch parting of hair from the top of the section. Comb the parting straight out from your scalp. Fold an end paper over the ends of the hair. Place a perm rod under the parting, tuck the ends under and roll the perm rod down toward the scalp. Secure the rod in place. Create another small parting directly under the first. Place rods until the section is wrapped and then move onto the next section. Continue until all of your hair is wrapped.


Squirt perm solution onto the top and bottom of each perm rod. Place a plastic cap over your head and set a timer for 20 minutes.


Rinse with warm water for five minutes. Towel blot excess moisture and apply neutralizing solution to the top and bottom of each rod. Set the timer for five minutes.


Remove the perm rods, rinse and towel dry.

Things You'll Need


1.Rat-tail comb

3.Perm rods (choose your size)

5.Perm solution



2.Hair clips

4.End papers

6.Plastic cap

8.Neutralizing solution


Tips & Tricks


Do not put too much hair on one roller. If it feels too thick, it is. Take smaller sections and use more rods to prevent uneven curl and uncurled ends.


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