How to Go From a Perm to Natural With Black Hair

Transition from permed hair to natural hair easily.

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Ladies, are you tired of maintaining your permed hair? Fed up with trips to the salon? If you are tired of dealing with your perm, raise your hand and say, "Enough is enough!" Permed hair is a way that most African-American women straighten their hair, but it is not the only method used to straighten hair. You can go natural and revive your locks, by growing out your hair and chopping off your previously permed mane.


Stop having your hair permed and allow your natural hair to grow. Wait three months, visit your hair stylist and have her cut off the remaining permed hair. For some people, this could mean a big haircut. If you need extra support, take a supportive loved one to the salon with you.


Wash your hair with a natural shampoo and conditioner. Use products on your hair that are fortified for natural hair, such as natural oils and serums. Allow your hair to air dry on most occasions. Adding too much heat to natural hair can burn your hair and scalp.


Decide on your natural hair transitioning style. Some like to rock an afro, while others like braids and twists. Whatever style you choose, remember to wash, deep condition and moisturize your hair at least once a week.

Things You'll Need


1.Natural shampoo and conditioner


2.Natural oil


Tips & Tricks


Use a pressing comb to straighten natural hair. Pressing your hair can be dangerous, if you do not know what you are doing. Have a hairstylist do it for you, if you are unsure of how to maneuver the comb.


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