How Does a Perm Affect Your Hair?

A perm can help you get the hair texture you desire, but not without a price.

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Perms contain strong chemicals that change the shape and natural curl pattern of your hair. These chemicals can have many effects on the hair as they change hair texture -- this can result in damaging side effects that are less than desirable. Perming your hair can give you a to-die-for makeover. It is necessary, however, to consider both the good and the bad when it comes to chemically curling your tresses.

Hair Loss

Though not likely, hair loss is still a possibility when it comes to perming your hair. Hair perm solutions are made up of chemicals that are corrosive and sometimes damaging. If the perm is not correctly applied, it can result in extreme scalp burns, which will force the follicles to release your hair. Go to a professional salon to avoid this traumatic complication -- it's not worth the risk of losing patches of your tresses. If the scalp is not damaged, the chemicals can still burn the hair strands and totally dissolve the hair from the root.


Breakage is common with permed hair. While all you may be thinking about is a fresh bouncy new do, the fact is you hair will be considerably weakened during the process. The chemicals change the hairs natural curl pattern and structure, this results in fewer follicle layers and thinner strands. Thinner strands automatically lead to broken hair and split ends.


Hair perms also strip it of its natural moisture. The chemicals dry your hair out and remove the natural sebum. This takes away your hair natural movement and elasticity, making it dry and brittle. It will, in turn, leave you with some hard to manage rough hair that is far from silky and bouncy.

No Coloring

Perming your hair is a challenging chemical process, so coloring hair is a huge no no. Coloring after a perm is a guaranteed way to weaken and lose your hair. Always consult a professional stylist on the best way to color your hair once you are using chemical processes. Do stay away from DIY home kits after a perm to avoid being extremely disappointed with the results.

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