The Perfect Sunglasses for a Round Face Shape

Paris Hilton opts for a slightly rectangular pair of sunglasses with rounded edges for her round structure.

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Feel like a virtual stick-figure head with an obnoxiously circular face? Don't distress. Several A-list celebrities have rounder faces than most of us, and can still find sunglasses to fit. When shopping for shades for a round-shaped head, think squared-off and proportionate frames.


Avoid the Anna Wintour large round sunglasses like the plague. If your face is already round, wearing large circular frames that overpower your shape will look silly. Pick angular frames that contrast with your curves and elongate your features. Ray Ban Wayfarers are great frames for a round face, not to mention a classic choice for eyewear.


Choose sunglasses that are proportional; the width should be equal to or just a little wider than the broadest part of your face. Wearing shades that are too small or oversized will only make your features appear rounder. Opt instead for a pair that minimizes your curves and adds definition to your features. Oliver People's Annice sunglasses are a great width for a round face, and the angular shape is flattering on just about anyone.

Slim and Elongated

Ideally, choosing a pair of sunglasses that elongate your face will make it appear slimmer and more oval. The thickness of your sunglasses' frame makes all the difference in achieving a slimmer-looking face. Thin frames will make your face appear bigger, but be cautious of thicker frames too -- a nice medium-sized thickness is ideal.


Black is always a safe option when it comes to any type of eyewear, but if you are feeling a bit more daring, a tortoise shell or other animal style is a great option for more angular-shaped sunglasses. They are a great alternative to white or other bright colors -- which can be tough to pull off for a round face.

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