How to Do Peek-a-Boo Hair

Blond highlights peek out from chocolate locks on 2011 Miss Universe Australia NSW State Final contestant, Vanessa Sztaginer.

Photo: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You're getting ready for a night out on the town and just can't get past your hair color. Banish that bland hair color by adding funky new peekaboo highlights. The peekaboo hairstyle has strips of contrasting colors hidden under the overall color. Highlights are visible only when hair moves or is pulled back.The look can be subtle or bold based on the color and size of the highlight. Try platinum or purple highlights against black hair for an eye-catching look or pop in caramel or chocolate highlights for a more subtle spin.


Set up your dye station. Everything should be out and organized for easy access. Open up the box dye and read through the instructions carefully. Kits will typically include a small bottle of dye, activator and hair conditioner.


Brush your clean, dry hair until it is smooth and part it down the middle. Slide your thumbs back from your temples to your crown and clip this hair up out of your way. This is the hair that will conceal your highlights, creating the peekaboo effect.


Drape the towel over your shoulders and throw on the plastic gloves. Mix the dye with the activator and set aside.


Use the tip of the rat tail comb to select a 1/2-inch to 2-inch strip of hair from the side of your head, just beneath the sectioned-off area. The size of the strip is up to you and based on how dramatic you want the final result to be. The thicker the strip, the bolder the look.


Squirt dye onto the strip of hair and massage it in from root to tip until saturated. Fold the foil over the strip of hair to prevent it from bleeding onto the hair below.


Select a strip from the opposite side of your head, squirt on the dye then cover. Rotate back and forth from side to side to achieve a symmetrical coloration. Use different thicknesses of strips to get that piecey, funky look.


Allow the dye to process for the time indicated in the kit. Be precise! These times are designed for optimal results, and leaving dye on too long can damage your locks.


Remove the foils and discard. Rinse the dye completely from your hair until the water runs clear. Apply conditioner then rinse and style as desired.

Things You'll Need



3.Hair clips

5.Plastic gloves

7.Highlighting foils


4.Highlighting hair dye kit

6.Rat tail comb


Tips & Tricks


Find highlight dye kits at your local beauty supply store.


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