How to Part Your Hair for a Sew-In Weave

If you part well, your weave will be invisible.

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Sewn-in weaves go on over flat tracks of hair that you create by braiding your natural mane in cornrows. Planning your own weave takes time, so leave several hours and recruit a friend with braiding skills if you struggle. The first couple times you DIY weave, it can seem intimidating; after a little do-or-die training, you'll be a total pro. A day's labor gets you sleek, sexy hair for up to months.


Hop in the shower. Shampoo and condition your mane to clean the hair before you put your weave in. Post-shower, blow-dry your hair fully.


Plan out your weave. You'll definitely want to leave the front hairs that frame your face out of the cornrow base, extending from your face as far as the crown of your head. These hairs will cover up the weave hair so you mane looks natural.


Separate out your bangs and the hair you'll be leaving out of the weave, using a rattail comb to get a clean part. Pull all the fringe hair forward so it covers your forehead. To keep it out of the way while you weave, braid the hair or tie it with a hair elastic.


Section off your hair for horizontal cornrows that will form the base for your sew-in weave. Use a rattail comb to get clean lines again. Work your way across your mane from right to left in 1 inch strips. At the end of the row, secure the hair with a hair elastic.

Things You'll Need


1.Rattail comb

2.Hair elastics


Tips & Tricks


Once you have all of your sections, it's time to make the cornrows. Braid the hair in flat, even cornrows. The flatter your hair looks when combined against your head, the sleeker your finished weave will look.


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