Palladium Vs. Platinum Rings

Many brides choose between platinum and palladium.

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Add some sparkle to your jewelry box with platinum and palladium rings. Both metals offer a fabulous shiny silver tone that's always in style. Whether you're slipping into a favorite little black dress or comfy weekend jeans, platinum or palladium will add a touch of femininity to your look.

The Cost of Bling

Platinum and palladium rings sit on opposite ends of the pricing scale. Platinum can cost up to five times as much as palladium. But if you're ready to shell out the big bucks for platinum, you're going to get a heavier, more substantial weight ring. Otherwise, the two metals look like twins. Nobody will know which you're wearing unless you tell them or they work at the local jewelry shop.

About Finishes

Both metals have a naturally white-silver finish. Unlike the silvery hue of white gold, palladium and platinum will not produce a gold tint after long-term wear. Palladium offers a slightly more scratch-resistant surface than platinum, making it a better choice for gals who refuse to remove their rings when gardening or doing crafts.

Allergy Options

Since neither platinum nor palladium contain nickel, they become suitable choices for ladies with sensitivity to nickel. With 95 percent purity ratings, both metals get classified as hypoallergenic. But if the ring has a lower purity rating, it may contain an alloy that causes you to itch. Always ask your jeweler what metals accompany the platinum or palladium in the rings you admire. You don't want any surprise rashes on your fingers.

Ring Care

If you want easy to maintain rings, tarnish-proof palladium might just become your new favorite metal. Nobody wants to spend time polishing jewelry. If you do wear palladium rings often, dust, hairspray and makeup can make the ring lack luster and brightness. You can restore the ring's brilliance with a simple swish in soapy water. To maintain the beauty of a platinum ring, store it in a chamois bag or a ring box. When hand lotions and other beauty products begin to build up on the ring, visit your jeweler for a professional cleaning. After all, you don't want expensive jewelry scratched.

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