How to Paint Spiderwebs on Fingernails


Having fun and trying out different things with your nails is one of the best parts of being a girl, right? Most girls like changing things up now and then and being creative with fingernail design. Maybe it's Halloween, or you just want to try out a unique design like spiderwebs on your nails. Sounds cool and it's not hard, as long as you have the right stuff and know how to use it.


Sit your hand down flat on a table or other hard surface, with your fingers spread apart. Every girl has their own tricks of the trade when it comes to painting nails, but as long as your fingers are spaced out a bit so your nails aren't touching, that's all that matters.


With the first color of nail polish, paint over the entire nail on one finger. Do the same with the rest of your nails to create a base coat. This is to make sure the cool spiderweb design really stands out.


Wait for the nail polish to dry completely. Unless you want a smeared, mucky mess, never try painting one layer of polish over another unless the top coat is totally dry. You may need to put on two coats to get a solid color.


With a second color of nail polish, paint a small circle or hexagon -- both shapes work well for a spiderweb design -- in the center of one nail. Make a second one of the same shape, around the first, leaving a bit of space in between. Keep doing this, leaving as much space between each as you want, until you reach the outside of the nail, and do this on the rest of your nails.


Wait for the polish to dry completely.


Starting on the first nail, paint a few lines over the top, also with the second color, to create the look of a web. Do this on your other nails to finish.

Things You'll Need


1.Nail polish


Tips & Tricks


You can apply a base coat before painting your nails and a top coat afterward; this can help ensure a smoother finish and make your polish last longer.

Skip the base color if you just want a plain spiderweb design on your nails, although it sure won't be as funky.

If you want to use fake nails, paint the design before gluing them on.


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