How to Overcome Facial Blushing

Figure out your triggers so you don't feel like hiding your blushing face from the world.

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There are countless beauty products that create the look of facial blushing. While it can be an endearing look when it comes to makeup, most women don't want to experience the natural blushing that occurs from embarrassment or anxiety. The flush of red that spreads over your cheeks is a clue to bystanders that you're feeling foolish. If you find yourself blushing at the most inopportune moments, there are ways to overcome it naturally.


Write down a list of the triggers that cause your facial blushing. According to MedlinePlus, blushing is most often caused by extreme emotions, spicy food and rosacea. Other causes include drinking alcohol, having a fever or rapid changes in temperature. If most of your blushing occurs when you're embarrassed or nervous, write down these situations as descriptively as possible. Write what makes you embarrassed or what people you find yourself blushing around most often.


Do your best to eliminate the things that cause your blushing. If your face turns red when you eat spicy nachos, avoid eating these when you're around other people. Limit your alcohol consumption to keep your face an even color.


Breathe deeply to calm your nerves when confronted with an embarrassing or nervous situation you can't avoid. Though you may know that seeing a guy you have a crush on will make you blush, you don't have to hide from him forever. When you see him next, smile and take a deep breath. Let it out slowly.


Avoid thinking about the person or thing that makes you embarrassed or nervous. The Mayo Clinic website suggests focusing your attention on something else while you try to relax. When your crush isn't looking, focus on the air going in and out of your lungs or even on a funny dream you had the night before. Your facial blushing will go away in no time.


Lighten up. Though you may feel like it's the end of the world when you're blushing, remember that everyone goes through these emotions. Facial blushing is normal. If you don't treat it as a serious problem, you'll find that the effects slowly dissipate. In a few months, you may be so nonchalant about blushing that it doesn't even happen anymore. And if it does, remember that even the most confident people blush now and then.

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