Outfits to Wear in New York

Looking fashionable in New York is all about the confidence.

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New York is arguably one of the toughest cities in the U.S., but it is also its fashion capital. When you put these intimidating factors together, it can be downright scary to choose an outfit that will be accepted on these busy, bustling streets. Whether you're from the prairies of the Midwest or the beaches of sunny Cali, keep in mind that New Yorkers love black and a lot of it. However, if you can fashionably pull off some bright colors in this dark city, you might even bring a smile to the toughest New Yawka's face.


Spring is when the busy streets of the City that Doesn't Sleep really come alive. Gone are the bulky winter jackets, off are the cuddly scarves, and smiles can even be spotted on (some) strangers' faces. Take advantage of the collectively cheerful mood with brightly colored clothing that reflects the happiness of spring. Try a pair of black slacks or dark jeans with a light pastel blouse, nautical-inspired striped shirt or a flowy Bohemian shirt. Keep in mind that New York is near the ocean, so it can still be chilly in the springtime with ocean breezes. Avoid totally warm-weather styles, like short dresses, or layer them up with a pair of leggings underneath.


As cold as it gets in the winter, summer in the city is hot. Those tall skyscrapers trap the heat and with rare greenery in sight, you're best off in as little clothing as possible. Try flip-flops paired with miniskirts, short dresses or short shorts. Sundresses or maxi dresses are wonderfully breezy and made from comfortably light material, while tank tops give your arms some room to breath. New Yorkers keep it chic even in the summer, so always make sure your outfits are trendy. Rompers are a stylish way to rock the short-shorts look, while sundresses with the addition of a belt and stilettos go a long way in looking cool.


New Yorkers love to be ahead of the trend, so no one's going to wait around for it to get properly chilly to debut their fall clothing. Get ahead of the style by pairing your hip fall boots with shorts if the weather's still warm or mix up a light cardigan with a pair of open-toed shoes. Snakeskin and suede are lux materials that are always in vogue, as are expensive cashmere and leather. A true city fashionista can always spot quality, so stick with classic fabrics that aren't cheap and you'll be right on track.


Winter in New York gets brutally cold and when you have to commute on the subway or walk to work, you end up outside a lot. Owning a fashionable coat is so important in the city since that's all most people see. Look for special details, like a fur collar or exaggerated cuffs. Oversized buttons are also a cool move, as are a designer scarf and leather gloves. Add a figure-flattering touch by throwing on a stylish belt over your coat and finish off the look with attention-grabbing boots that are pretty, but tough enough to withstand the weather.

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