How to Take Out Sisterlocks

Young locks under six months old come out easier than mature ones.

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Fuss-free locks for ladies on the go, Sisterlocks feature a small, uniform lock circumference without the wax and styling products needed to maintain dreads. It can take up to 13 hours to have your hair put in Sisterlocks -- and longer than that to take the style down when you're ready for a change. Have friends help you out and don't skimp on the removal cream and you'll be back to rocking your natural hair in a couple days, without having to snip your strands.


Soak your hair in hot water for 10 minutes, to help relax and loosen the hair shaft. Hop in the bath or shower to do this.


Shampoo your mane to remove natural hair oils from your Sisterlocks, using your normal shampoo.


Apply conditioning removal cream to your Sisterlocks, thoroughly saturating the locks with the cream. Step out of the shower without rinsing the removal cream, since this is what helps you pick out those locks.


Blot your hair with a towel so you're not dripping water all over the place. You do want your hair wet, since it's more elastic, but you don't need to make a giant puddle in the bathroom.


Pick at the ends of one lock using a metal comb. This might pinch and it can take a while to comb the fibers loose. Continue working your comb through the hair until you remove the tangles and can comb freely through the ends.


Move the comb up your Sisterlock, slowly unlocking it from ends to roots. Apply more removal cream if you cannot untangle part of your lock.

Things You'll Need



3.Metal comb

2.Dreadlock removal cream


Tips & Tricks


Moisten your mane by spraying it with a spray bottle that's filled with water plus a few drops of removal cream. Your hair needs to be wet to detangle this style!


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