How to Take Out Scratches From Silver Jewelry

Shine up your silver to keep it sexy and free of scratches.

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That stunning sterling silver ring in the jewelry store window called your name, and fits like it was made for you. An accidental whack against the counter, however, reveals a host of tiny scratches that turn that dream ring into a nightmare. Silver is soft and prone to scratches, but there's no need to lock that silver stunner away forever: A bit of silver polish and a little elbow grease will buff out the uglies and restore the beautiful bling!


Lay the jewelry on a towel to cushion it and keep it secure, and buff away shallow scratches with a jewelry cloth. Hold the jewelry in place with one hand and rub the cloth in a circular fashion over visible scratches. These magical cloths have a finely gritted surface that evens out the silver around the scratches and leaves your jewelry sleek and scratch-free.


Dip the corner of a rag in silver polishing compound and get your buff on to remove deeper scratches. Rub the polishing compound in and around unsightly scratches, working in small circles. Coat the piece of jewelry with the compound and leave it to dry. Once the compound is opaque and dry to the touch, scrub it off with a soft, dry cloth. Polishing compound is packed with large-grit scrubbers that buff away scratches and restore your silver jewelry to its former unblemished glory.


Schedule a date with a professional jewelry repair shop for deep or numerous scratches. Silver is a soft metal and is super easy to scratch, and professional jewelers have the tools and know-how to take out scratches and give your silver its sexy back.

Things You'll Need


1.Jewelry cloth

3.Soft rag

2.Silver polishing compound


Tips & Tricks


Keep your jewelry safe and comfy in a silver storage bag between uses. Water, chemicals and even heavy air pollution cause tarnish and will leave your silver looking less than lustrous. If your bling is looking a bit blah, wipe it down with a tarnish remover before wearing.


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