How Do I Get Out Lipstick From Clothing?

Clean lipstick from your clothes as soon as possible.

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Get a little carried away with the smooching, and now there's lipstick all over your shirt or his? No problem. Catch the stain quickly, and removing it should be a breeze. If you don't notice the lipstick marks until later, the process may take more time, but you should still be able to eliminate all traces of where your lips have been. Before you begin, check the clothing label. If it states "dry clean only," hand it over to the professionals. And don't worry what they'll think of you -- they've seen everything.


Using an object with a straight, sharp edge, scrape off as much of the lipstick as you can. Be careful not to smear it around on the fabric, or your problem will be worse than it was to begin with.


Apply a drop of dish detergent to the lipstick spot. Lipstick has the same consistency as oil or grease, so use a detergent with extra grease-removing properties. Work it into the fabric with your fingers to make sure it gets down between the fibers. Let the item sit for about 15 or 20 minutes to break down the lipstick stain.


Dip the tip of a toothbrush in hot water and gently brush the stain. Again, be cautious and avoid smearing the stain.


Wash the article of clothing by hand in warm water with a drop of laundry detergent. Concentrate on the area of the stain.


Rinse with clean running water. Check the article of clothing to see if the stain is still present.


If the stain remains, repeat the process starting with applying the detergent directly to the lipstick spot. Do this as many times as it takes to remove the stain.


After you are sure the stain is gone, wash the item with laundry detergent. An extra rinse would help remove any extra cleaning solution that you didn't get out by hand. Instead of putting the article in the dryer, hang it to dry so you can see if the spot truly is gone after laundering.

Things You'll Need


1.Razor blade or other item with a straight, sharp edge


2.Dish detergent with extra grease removers, rubbing alcohol, ammonia or hairspray

4.Laundry detergent


Tips & Tricks


Other cleaners you may use instead of dish detergent are rubbing alcohol, ammonia or hairspray.

Avoid rubbing the fabric together, or you may spread the stain.

Don't put the article of clothing into the dryer until the lipstick has been removed, or you may permanently set the stain.

Test a small, hidden area before using any cleaning solvent on your clothing.


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