Is Olive Oil Good for Oily Skin?

Olive oil is a simple ingredient in many skin care products.

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Many dazzling divas use olive oil to soften rough skin and moisturize facial features. Although this oil may help vamp up the sizzle factor in normal and dry skin types, oily skin doesn't really benefit from this moisturizer. Additionally, olive oil may increase breakouts in acne-prone skin.

Olive Oil and Skin Types

Olive oil works as a skin moisturizer and is suitable even for sensitive skin, according to Loyola University Medical Center. As long as your oily skin doesn't misbehave by breaking out in gnarly nodules and pesky pimples, a little dab of olive oil probably won't hurt your oily skin, but generally there is no reason to add more sheen to your shine.

General Moisturizer

Olive oil is not just a readily available emollient, it also can be cheaper than many costly cosmetics on the market. This oil comes in a variety of formulas, including extra-virgin. Like many culinary products, olive oil can play double-duty as a skin treatment. While divas with patches of dry, scaly skin may benefit from slathering on this slick, sensuous product, your dewy skin typically has enough natural oils to keep it happily hydrated.

Acne Considerations

Although olive oil may help moisturize dry and scaly skin, oily skin doesn’t require additional oil. There is no evidence that adding olive oil to your oily skin will help reduce the overactive oil glands or help sop up the excess greasiness. Some people believe cleansing your face with oil helps your skin, but this practice may actually backfire, especially if your oily skin tends to break out in pimples and pustules. If your oily skin experiences acne, the University of Cincinnati recommends that you skip the olive oil for cleansing purposes. Instead, use a water-based cleanser to freshen your face and splash away soil and debris. If your acne-prone skin requires a moisturizer, choose a water-based one.

Mindful Method

If acne is not on the top of your list of things to get rid of, dabbing on the olive oil might not bust your beauty. But unless your skin is dry, it probably won't do much to help dazzle your inner diva and fire up your fashion flare, either. If your oily skin develops a few dry patches, you can treat these individual spots with a little olive oil. Place a few drops of olive oil on a clean cotton ball. Dab the cotton ball over the driest areas of your skin, such as the areas around the creases of your mouth. Avoid getting the olive oil anywhere near a potential breakout zone.

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