Is it Okay to Wear White Pants in Winter in Hawaii?

Break out the white pants for a winter Hawaii trip.

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You and your man are finally doing it: you're heading over to Hawaii for the off-season vacation that you've been dreaming about for years. When it's time to pack up the suitcases, though, you're flummoxed. Winter in Hawaii is mild, but is it mild enough for you to prance around Honolulu in those super-trendy white pants that are all the rage? Relax -- white pants are not only kosher to wear after Labor Day (and every other time of the year), they're fine for winter in Hawaii. In fact, they're better than fine if you're savvy enough to pair them with flattering and versatile tops and shoes.

Winter in Hawaii

Even though the "no white after Labor Day" rule has been flagrantly violated by everyone with any fashion know-how since men wore three-piece suits to baseball games, most women still feel weird wearing white pants when it's 28 degrees Fahrenheit and snowing. This is something you won't need to worry about in Hawaii: the winter months -- November to April -- boast a balmy daytime average temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit and nighttime temperatures hovering in the upper 60s. Rain is common during the winter, but storms tend to be brief and localized.

Choose the Right Pants

Not all white pants are created equal. If you're a thin, leggy lass, by all means, wear the white, skinny jeans. The rest of us, who sport backsides and healthy curves, will look best in boot-cut pants featuring a wide waistband. Take Hawaii's wet-winter reputation into account as well when choosing white pants for your trip. White linen pants are fine for a sunny day at the beach, but they're not so great when the next day's rainstorm comes in. If taking white pants along with you is a must, pack at least two pairs so that you're ready for any weather extreme -- one made from lightweight cotton or linen and a heavier pair made from corduroy or denim.

What to Pair With White Pants

White pants are endlessly versatile. When the weather is clear, top your white pants with a lightweight, flowy blouse or tank top. Be prepared for wet weather on a winter Hawaii excursion with a lightweight jacket and sweaters in neutral colors. When it comes to shoes, pair the white pants with shimmery flats for an evening in a Maui nightclub, strappy sandals for a fancy seafood dinner with your man and feminine flip-flops for hitting the beach. And when it rains? Brown or black leather boots will keep your feet dry and pair well with practically any top.

When Not to Wear White Pants in Hawaii

Just because you can wear white pants in Hawaii on your winter dream trip doesn't mean you can wear them 24/7, in any conceivable situation or location. Leave the pants in your hotel room when you're hiking in the island wilds or attending a blowout pig roast -- the amount of stain remover you'll need to use when you get home isn't worth the price of the pants. It's also a good idea to avoid the white-pant look if you plan on tour-bus hopping in Honolulu or any other major Hawaiian city. Even when you're in paradise, black streaks happen.

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