Oatmeal Baths or Epsom Salts for Itchy Skin

Soak up the moisture.

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You scratch and scratch, applying every moisturizer in your cosmetic arsenal, but nothing seems to soothe that annoying, dry-skin itch. Don't despair. After a full day of itching, treat yourself to a lukewarm bath full of creamy oatmeal or frotsoarpsom salts. Which one you choose is your prerogative.


While bathing in food may not be your thing, the truth is that oats contain an avenanthramide coating that makes your skin feel baby soft. Avenanthramides also contain anti-inflammatory properties that bring relief to dry, irritated and downright itchy skin. Grab a sock from your dresser and fill it with whole oats. Tie the top of the sock in a knot and toss it into your bath water. Slide into the tub and prepare for ecstasy.

Magnesium Sulfate Crystals

Epsom salts, or magnesium sulfate crystals, are a must-have for any woman who has itchy skin. If your skin feels more alligator-like than human, add some epsom salts to your bath water. Run the water and pour in a cup of these sparkling beauties. The coarse texture of the crystals slough away dead cells, exposing the sexy skin that you knew you were born with. Bathe with epsom salts whenever your skin needs an itch-free beauty boost.

Mix It Up

Transform your bathtub into a relaxing spa by mixing the epsom salts with some sea salt and sesame oil. Not only does this concoction calm the itch, the mix of sea salt and sesame oil relaxes sore muscles, creating a late-night soak you won't soon forget. Simply add 1 cup of epsom salts and 1 cup of sea salt to a large bowl. Stir in 1 cup of sesame oil, creating a creamy salt scrub. Add the scrub to running water and you have a spa treatment fit for a goddess.

After the Bath

Dry, itchy skin care doesn't end when you release the drain stopper on the tub. Have a super-soft bath towel waiting for you afterward and pat your skin dry. Don't rub your skin with the towel like you're rubbing sandpaper across a piece of wood. Pat gently, and follow-up with a body lotion or body oil to lock in moisture and polish your skin. Moisturize several times a day to keep your skin looking and feeling touchably soft and, best of all, itch-free.

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