Nubian Twist Hairstyles

Nubian twists offer low-maintenance volume.

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Like their many cousins, Nubian twists add volume, dimension and personality to your hair. You can wear these twists for a couple of months for a total pass from bad hair days. Incorporate colored hair extensions into the style for a two-toned look or match your natural color to add bulk on the sly.


Nubian twists mimic the thick, twisting appearance of dreadlocks without actually knotting up your strands. The twists typically have more bulk than your natural hair because they incorporate curly extension hair to add both extra width and extra length. This style generally sits above the shoulder. If your natural hair is curly enough, you can do twists without the extensions.


Before you set your hair into Nubian twists, shampoo and rinse thoroughly. If you're a product girl, your hair might have residue from gel or mousse. Lather up again to get the residue out. Hop out of the shower without conditioning your mane. Dry your hair completely, and you're ready to go.

Making the Twists

To begin, take a section of hair that's the thickness you want your twists to be. Wrap a piece of extension hair around it so that the midpoint of the extension hair lines up with your roots. This creates three strands. Braid the strands for about an inch to get the twist started. Divide the three strands into two thicker strands, and then twist one over the other to get your Nubian twist going. Twist until the end of the hair, and then let go. Because the hair is curly, the curl fibers lock the twist together.


The twists gently lock in so you can wash your hair with the style intact. If you're concerned about the hair untwisting, then braid the ends or wash with a stocking cap on. To preserve the natural bounce in these twists, wear a silk cap or bonnet while sleeping. As much as you love your twists, you can't rock them forever because your natural hair will dread up. Take the twists down after two months to prevent unwanted dreading.

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