Is Noxzema Good for the Skin?

Noxzema clears your skin and giving you more reasons to show off your pretty little face.

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Noxzema may seem ancient, like your grandmother's skin care cream. Surely you've seen the classic blue jar on the countertop as a kid --- it has been around for decades. But despite its age, some people still use it today as a part of a regular skin care routine. If you're new to this product, it's absolutely natural to wonder what effects it has on the skin and whether it's a good product for clearing up the complexion.


Noxzema is a cold white cream with a very strong smell, like menthol. If your mom has ever slathered you with a gel to open up your pores when you have a cold or congestion, surely you recognize that smell all too well. When applied to the face, Noxzema helps open up the pores using a similar concept. When the pores are open, it allows all the nasty complexion damaging dirt and toxins to come right on out of the skin.

So Is It Good?

The answer of whether Noxzema is good for the skin depends on your skin type. Some people with very sensitive skin might experience irritations. Otherwise, it is a good product to clean out the pores and refresh the face. After you rinse the cream from your face, it feels cool, like you've just dunked your head in a snow bank. Noxzema is also helpful for makeup removal because it does a bang-up job of getting rid of the dirt both on the surface of the skin and that clogs pores.

Check the Ingredients

The main concern you may have with using Noxzema is whether you have any allergies or a history of adverse reactions to the ingredients, which include camphor, menthol and potassium chloride, which can cause irritation in some skin types. The product also contains soybean oil, which could cause allergic reactions in some. So before you get your Noxzema on, check to see if you have allergies to anything on the ingredients list.

Applying Noxzema

To ensure that you get the best results when using Noxzema on the skin, follow the directions closely. Put two fingers in the jar to scoop the cream and apply it to the face in circular motions. Continue this circular action throughout the face until it is completely covered (keep the cream away from the eyes). You can feel a tingling that tells you the pores are opening. Rinse the face of all the cream to wash away dirt. If cleaning off makeup, use a cloth or paper towel to rub off the cream and then rinse with water.

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