What Not to Wear for a Pear Shape

Jennifer Lopez shows that, for the pear, the upper bod is where it's at.

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're good as gold through the arms and torso but have hips and thighs to spare, you're probably pear-shaped. Fitting those bountiful curves is not always easy -- you need to bring that bod into balance to give it a scrumptious edge. The trick to dressing a pear is in knowing your no-no's so you can look fresh and fab, day or night.

Skinny Jeans

In a perfect world, every bod could rock every fab new trend. Unfortunately, the skinny jean is one trend the pear should leave on the rack. Skinny jeans will just give you a bad case of carrot leg -- wide at the top and skinny on the bottom. The pear-shaped woman should choose jeans that skim over the hips and thighs in a way that slims the silhouette and leave the skin-tight denim to the booty-free set.

Boxy Tops

Your daily fashion goal should be to put the spotlight on those naturally gorgeous arms and shoulders. Covering up with big, boxy tops that hide your best features under yards of cloth will steal the thunder from your curves. While a little structure in the shoulders can help offset the width of your hips, you want tops that hug or define that teeny torso of yours. So steer clear of empire waists and T-shirts not specifically designed for the curvalicious contours of a woman's body.

Bias-Cut Skirts and Short Shorts

For pears, the hips and thighs can be a serious danger zone. Bias-cut skirts and short-shorts are the fashion equivalent of wearing a big neon sign that says, "Put your eyes on my thighs!" If you are a super-thin pear with legs to match, you may occasionally be able to get away with short-shorts, but check your reflection to make sure the overall effect isn't too bottom-heavy.

Don't You Dare Bottoms

Lycra, knits and bottoms that hug your booty's every bump and curve will not do the pear any favors. You want to streamline your bottom half, choosing fabrics that make you look leaner and meaner down below. So no cargo-style pants, pleats, big, floppy pockets or eye-catching zippers. Think tailored, sleek and a bit ho-hum when it comes to dressing your bottom half and save your wild side for the waist up.

Teeny Shoes

Itty-bitty ballet flats may be all the rage, but unless you are a fat-free pear, you should give super-delicate shoes a wide berth. Pear-shaped girls need shoes with more than a little stage presence to help balance out those hips and thighs. Think strappy over simple, and go ahead and err on the side of clunky if you're just not sure.

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