What Not to Wear with a Light Pink Shirt

Ashley Hart wears warm pink tones to a 2011 Melbourne event.

Photo: Robert Prezioso/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Light pink shows up on everyone from preppies to punks, but it's not the most versatile of colors. Depending upon its undertones, your light pink shirt can make an outfit look dead cool or just plain dead. Before popping on that pink top, examine the color under bright light. If it has beige or orange undertones, it is a warm pink. If it has blue or violet undertones, it is a cool pink.

Warm Pinks

Your light pink shirt has a barely-there blush. Don't kill its warm vibe with cool colors. Skip jewel tones, blue-based pastels and crisp white. If you want to wear your light pink shirt with white separates, then creamy whites or very light beige are better bets. While pink and black is a go-to combination for rockabilly chic, those deep, inky blacks and blue blacks can wash out the earthy hues of your pink shirt.

Cool Pinks

Keep your pink shirt looking cool by pairing it with other cool-toned clothing and accessories. Don't wear your light pink shirt with anything yellow, green, orange or brown. Reds are trickier. If you have a rusty red, brick red or red-orange piece, it may clash with your blue-based pink. If your red has magenta, burgundy, plum or purple tones, your pink shirt can coordinate with it. Pass up the earth tones for brighter or crisper colors.

Easter Egg Effect

That perfect light pink looks too cutesy when you pair it with light blue, lavender, lemon yellow or sea-foam green. Better to keep any pastel pieces to small accessories, such as bangles, a folded scarf headband or bows on your shoes. Bubblegum pink and light green or turquoise, a favorite combination in the '50s and New Wave '80s, has a distinctly "Miami Vice" look.

Underneath It All

A light pink shirt doesn't leave much to the imagination, particularly if it fits like a glove. Unless you're going for the retro Madonna look, those black, dark or bright bras look tacky under a light-colored shirt. Same goes for any undergarments that have embroidery, high-contrast prints, beading, lace or embellishments that make the fabric of your pink shirt ripple and bulge. And speaking of bulges, if your pink top is in a skinny cut or a fabric with a tight weave, you may have some midsection camouflaging to do. Forget super-tight undergarments or layers that make your body bulge around the edges and invest in slimming shape wear instead.

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