Night Club Hairstyles for Long Hair

Get ready for party time snapshots with club-worthy hair.

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You've got your slinky dress with its low-cut neckline on and you're rockin' a killer pair of pumps. What's your go-to accessory to kick that clubbing outfit up another notch? A magnificent mane, of course! Long-haired ladies have lots to work with to get drop-dead gorgeous party hair, so make the most of what you've got and do a 'do that makes you feel like the life of the party.

Bone Straight

Straight hair is sleek and sexy and has lots of staying power if you know how to do it right. You'll love running your fingers through those silky locks while you shake your groove thang -- and so will that hottie hanging out by the bar. Divide your wet hair into several separate sections, and blow-dry each one with a round brush, pulling your locks tight as you direct heat down the length of your hair shaft. Once you have all sections dry, quickly flat-iron the ends of your locks and finish with an anti-frizz serum for long-lasting smoothness.

Wavy and Sexy

Long, wavy styles are perfectly suited to summer nights at the club. Wavy hair looks cute and playful on your way out the door, and still looks gorgeous once it's a bit messed up from some dance floor shimmying. To get summer-inspired beachy waves, flip your head upside down and blow-dry your mane, scrunching as you go. Next, grab a 2-inch curling iron and wrap 1-inch tresses around the barrel. Don't use the clamp and try to keep the barrel pointed upright to avoid the perfect ringlet look. Run your fingers through the curls and apply a dab of styling wax for extra texture and hold.

Half Up

Want to keep the hair out of your eyes but love the feel of strands gracing your shoulders? Half up is the way to go for the evening. For an unexpected take on the conventional bun, work a pinned-up braid. Run your fingers through your hair as you blow-dry. Next, pull your entire mane into a high ponytail, securing your tresses at the crown with an elastic. Loosely braid the top 3 inches of your pony, securing with a second elastic. Wrap the braid around the ponytail base, securing with bobby pins, while letting the rest of your hair fall casually over one shoulder. Take a 1-inch curling iron to the hanging ends if you want a little extra oomph.

Party Updo

The club is no place to look severe and slicked back, but an updo still works if you focus on achieving texture and don't obsess about keeping every strand in place. Start with curly hair to get a done-up look that's more piece-y. If your hair isn't full of natural ringlets, grab your 1-inch curling iron and curl random sections of hair. Pull your mane up into a high bun, using bobby pins to keep long tresses swept up. Gently push your hair forward at the crown to get a glamorous-looking bump, then finish with a spritz of hairspray.

Short on Time?

If you don't have much time between a late night at the office and happy hour with the girls, sport a style that can go from day to night in a flash. Braids add a touch of elegance to your everyday work hair. Do an off-center part, then braid a 1-inch section of hair near your hairline, working from your part to just behind your ear. Use an elastic or clip to hold it temporarily, then braid a second section the same way, about 1 inch back from the first. Remove the temporary elastic and use it to sweep your hair into a low pony. Twist and secure pieces in place with pins. A silk scarf or a sparkly headband stashed in your desk drawer can also make a simple pony evening-chic in a second.

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