What Necklace Looks Good with a Strapless Dark Red Dress?

Wear a collar necklace to glam up the simple neckline of a red strapless dress.

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When you want to unleash your inner diva, a dark red strapless dress can do the trick better than any other item in your closet. Whether you're rocking a simple cotton sundress or a floor-length satin gown, the dark red color and daring strapless neckline can instantly make you feel as glamorous and sexy as Jessica Rabbit. To increase your dress's bombshell factor, though, you need a few accessories to kick it up a notch. With its simple neckline, you can choose from a variety of necklaces, so you're guaranteed to have all eyes on you.


For an elegant wedding or cocktail party, pearls are a classic accessory. The contrast between the soft, glowing white of the pearls and the deep red of your dress ensures that all eyes are on you. You can go for a sophisticated look with a pearl choker or a princess-length strand, but if you want a more casual look, try a long strand that you can double up around your neck. You can keep the two strands close together for a simple look or space them out to add a little extra oomph to your strapless neckline.


If you’re wearing your red strapless dress to a casual event, a simple pendant necklace can add a sweet, simple touch to your outfit. Because there’s so much bare skin above the neckline, a large pendant is a good choice. Try a circular gold-tone pendant with diamond or crystal embellishments for a flashy look or a delicate silver pendant in a heart or star shape for a classy, understated option. You can also try a pendant with an enamel center that features warm colors like rust, golden yellow and eggplant to pick up the warm red tone of your dress, if you like a color-coordinated look.

Chunky Collar

If a simple strand of pearls or pendant necklace leaves you feeling underdressed, pair your red strapless dress with a chunky collar necklace that instantly demands attention. The thick, heavy look of a collar-style necklace is the perfect complement to a simple strapless neckline. If you’re got warm-toned skin, try a gold rope-style collar. Cool-toned skin typically looks best with silver, so try a bold, beaded collar in sterling. You can also go for an edgier look with a gunmetal-colored collar. A multistrand rhinestone collar can add a little bling to a simple red strapless dress, but if you feel like channeling Audrey Hepburn, go with a faux pearl collar with multiple strands.

Bib Style

When you really want to turn heads, a bib-style necklace is the only accessory to consider with your dark red strapless dress. You’re sure to get noticed if you go with a bib that reaches all the way down to your neckline, but you can opt for a smaller style if you’re not comfortable with such a big statement piece. With a red dress, look for a bib that features gold or copper tones to play up the warm color. You can also create a sexy contrast by pairing the red with a silver bib that features stones in cool shades of blue and purple. If you’re going casual, pair your favorite strapless dress with a bib that has layers of multicolored beads for a some funky bohemian flair.

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