How to Naturally Strengthen Hair Follicles & Stimulate New Growth

Keep healthy to stimulate hair growth.

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Hair is one of your most unique features. As much as you might try to imitate the latest style or color, you're only too aware on a bad hair day that your hair does it what it likes. But what do you do if it starts falling out? After you freak out and the screaming stops, realize that lots of things in your life can affect and weaken your hair follicles. This is not a tragedy, but a challenge. A chance to start anew and get those follicles strengthened so new hair can grow and you get another bad hair day to make you curse.


Give in to a luxurious massage. You might already be dreaming about the spa, the oils, but wait; it's your scalp that needs a good rub. Your hair follicles live in your scalp and need just the right conditions to function properly and stimulate new hair growth. Massage essential oils into your scalp to deliver some moisturizing. The massage itself revitalizes your scalp, perks it up and readies it for its mission.


Eat, drink and be merry -- as long as it's healthy. Your hair can break, and your follicles can become sub-par if you're not getting the nutrients you need. Start with lots of water, lean proteins and foods that contain zinc to defend yourself against unhealthy follicles. Oatmeal, kidney beans and raisins all contain zinc, but why not kill two birds with one stone and order the oysters to promote a healthy scalp and turn on a lovin' mood? Your doctor can let you know if you're deficient in zinc and need a supplement.


Let your hair go au naturel for awhile. Too many chemicals, styling products and heat treatments can damage the follicles, causing hair loss and breakage. Use shampoo, conditioner and that's it for a few weeks at least. Your scalp can recover and think about growing new hair.


Chillax, girl! Telogen effluvium is a form of hair loss that occurs after you've been sick (more seriously than just a cold) or under a boatload of stress. Find a way to take the pressure down a notch to strengthen your hair follicles. Choose therapy, a good book or gourmet chocolate; it's your choice.

Things You'll Need


1.Essential oils

2.Vitamin supplements


Tips & Tricks


Hair loss can be a sign of a health issue. Consult your physician to determine the cause of your hair loss.


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