How to Naturally Darken Hair Color With Cocoa


Hair color is a fabulous way to change up your look and express yourself, but what if you are fresh out and have the urge to darken your natural brown? Head to the kitchen and whip up a batch of cocoa hair dye. This natural way to darken your hair smells great, provides a rich temporary color and won't irritate your scalp.


You'll need a series of ingredients from the pantry in addition to cocoa to get the chocolate color to stick to your hair shafts. Grab some plain, unsweetened yogurt, honey and apple cider vinegar in addition to unsweetened cocoa powder.


Mix together equal measures of cocoa powder and yogurt; usually about 1/2 cup of each for the average adult, but you may need a bit more if you have very long hair. Add 1 tbsp. each of vinegar and honey. The consistency of the natural hair dye should be a paste -- a bit thicker than shampoo. Apply the mixture to your clean, damp hair; slather it all over for a total darkening of your tresses, or in streaks to highlight. Let the cocoa penetrate your hair for several minutes before rinsing to allow the natural pigment to darken your hair. The yogurt and honey serve as moisturizers; your hair will be soft and silky as well as a tempting chocolate color.

Lasting Effects

The acid content of the cider vinegar and yogurt helps the ingredients in the cocoa hair dye mixture bind to your hair, but the concoction won't last as long as a standard commercial hair dye. Results will vary, but your rich brown color should last you several days. Brighten up your brown weekly with your homemade cocoa hair dye when your hair is starting to look a little drab.


Since the ingredients are all foods, leftover cocoa mixture should be safe to store in the fridge -- in an airtight container -- until next time you need it. As with other milk-based products, toss the cocoa colorant after a week or if it smells funky and make a new batch.

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