Natural Ways to Remove Bonding Glue From Hair

Use the oil in peanut butter to your advantage.

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Had enough of your extensions? You can remove them at home but you will need the help of a product capable of breaking the bond between your hair and the bonding glue. Oil is the golden ticket when you don't have a commercial glue remover on hand. Once the oil softens the glue, the extensions will practically slide out of your hair themselves! Not sure what kind of oil to use? Here are some top contenders.

Slather the Glue with Olive Oil


Pour some olive oil into a cup. Grab an old toothbrush or artist's paintbrush. If you choose the toothbrush make sure it's yours and that it's clean (Yuck!).


Dip the brush into the olive oil and slather it onto the bonding glue. Really work it into the glue with the brush -- don't worry, it washes out.


Give the olive oil about 30 minutes to work its magic. After the waiting time give your extensions a little tug and slide them out of your hair.


Remove any remaining glue with a wide-toothed comb. Run the comb through your hair. As you do, it will collect the softened glue and slide it towards your ends.


Pull the glue from your hair with your fingers and throw it away. Keep combing until all of the glue is out. Give your hair two good washings with a clarifying shampoo afterward to remove the olive oil and any glue residue. Tada!

Try the Peanut Butter Technique


Remove bonding glue with peanut butter if you have no olive oil in the pantry. While it may sound a bit unconventional, peanut butter really can help remove the glue because it has a high oil content.


Scoop some peanut butter out of the jar and place it in a small bowl. Use your fingers to remove the peanut butter and rub it onto the bonding glue. Use your fingers to really work it in good. Once again -- it will shampoo out!


Wait 30 minutes for the glue to soften and slide out your extensions. Comb out any remaining glue with a wide-toothed comb and shampoo twice with a clarifier. Easy enough?

Reach for the Oil Sheen


Spray the bonding glue with oil sheen. Oil sheen is really nothing more than fragrant mineral oil in an aerosol bottle. Because it's an oil, it oil sheen can get the job done.


Let the oil sheen sit on the bonding glue for 30 minutes. Same drill as before -- slide the extensions out of your hair when the glue softens.


Run the wide-toothed comb through your hair to remove excess glue and give your hair a good shampooing with the clarifying shampoo. Viola!

Things You'll Need


1.Olive oil

3.Old toothbrush or artist's paintbrush

5.Clarifying shampoo

7.Small bowl


4.Wide-toothed comb

6.Peanut butter

8.Oil sheen


Tips & Tricks


Some glue is stubborn and may take longer than 30 minutes to soften. Don't get discouraged. It will happen.

If you are having trouble combing out any leftover bonding glue, spray your hair with a detangler.

Do not pull or yank on your extensions. If they don't slip-out easily, wait! Pulling, yanking and tugging can severely damage your hair.


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