How to Get the Natural Texture of Hair Back After Relaxers

It's easy to return to your roots post-relaxer.

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Sick of your relaxed strands? Want to reclaim your natural texture? The good news is, it's definitely doable and fairly easy to achieve. The bad news? Well, it might take you a little time, depending on the method you choose. Read on to learn how to lose your relaxer and take back your natural texture.


Speed your way back to your natural texture by razoring your relaxed hair off. Take a pair of sharp shears in tow (you can find them at a beauty supply store), section your hair off and start snipping. Even out the length with an electric razor; attach a guard representing the length of natural hair you'd like to keep intact, and shave against the grain of your hair. If you're not ready to rock that beautiful bald head, make sure you've got a little natural growth before you buzz.


Lather up your locks with a moisturizing shampoo once weekly or biweekly. If you find your hair tends to be dry, that's a sign you may be shampooing too often. Try to use a 'poo that's gentle on your hair; many women with naturally curly hair baby their strands with baby shampoo.


Make sure your natural hair stays moisturized. Experiment with different oils, butters and creams to find out which products work best for your hair; you may find that oils are too greasy for your hair type, while butters may be too heavy. Deep-condition your hair once a month to keep your strands soft and supple; apply your conditioner, slap on a conditioning cap and find something to distract you for between 15 minutes to an hour.


Not ready to hack off your hair just yet? That's fine; take your handy-dandy hair magazine and browse away. When you find a style you like, take it to your stylist and discuss it with her. Ask about the process of maintaining the style to find out whether it works for your lifestyle.

Things You'll Need



3.Hair magazines featuring naturally curly hair

2.Electric razor with guards

4.Moisturizing hair products


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