Natural Skin Care Moisturizer With Castor Oil and Olive Oil


OK ladies, sure you covet your beloved high-end skin care products, but surprisingly, several natural remedies are capable of providing your skin with a supple, healthy glow as well. Two of the most effective natural elements for skin care are castor oil and olive oil. The benefits to your complexion -- courtesy of these natural moisturizers -- are endless, but the outcome is always skin that is impossibly soft. Take a deeper look into just how fabulous your skin will look once you try them out.

About Castor Oil

Before you dive into the castor oil waters, you first need to know about the origins of this natural moisturizer and how it should be used for best results. Castor oil is a plant extract that originates from India and grows in a majority of the Mediterranean. The castor plant is big and leafy, like most tropical plants, but it contains red or green beans. The "bean" is a round seed that has small bumps on its surface. These seeds contain ricinolein which has about 60 percent of the vegetable oil that is extracted for manufacturing. Castor oil has many household uses but also can be used outside of the home in structures such as car engines. Depending on your needs, castor oil can be utilized as an oral treatment or a topical one.

About Olive Oil

When you think of olive oil initially, thoughts of it enhancing some of your favorite culinary dishes may come to mind, but it also has a way of working wonders on that precious skin of yours. Obtained from the olive tree, a resident of the Mediterranean, olive oil is produced by grinding olives together and extracting the oil. Olive oil is made up of a bulk of triglycerides and a small amount of free fatty acids, pigments, flavor compounds, sterols, glycerol, phosphatides and tiny bits of olive. In addition to its skin-care benefits, olive oil also has a number of other uses including culinary and medicinal.

Castor Oil for Skin Care

By now ladies, surely you're well aware of the effects and benefits that any type of oil has on your skin. In addition to making it softer and more supple, castor oil also has the capability to add a vibrancy to skin for an overall natural glow. Massaging into skin at least once a week right before your bath or shower will give your skin an incredibly smooth finish. For daily use, mixing it with your favorite lotion, while applying it to your hands and feet at night and covering with protective-treatment gloves is a way to obtain smooth skin while you sleep.

Olive Oil for Skin Care

Best applied to damp skin, the moisturizing effects of using olive oil on your skin are quite plentiful. Whether you opt to use it as a daily moisturizer, at night to remove makeup and other impurities from the skin's surface or as an exfoliator to eliminate dead skin, olive oil is almost like a one-stop-shop on the way to having the best skin around. Also, feel free to massage olive oil into your cuticles to ensure that they stay soft, moist and provide your nails with a subtle, natural shine. Here's to skin that's as smooth and radiant as the day you were born!

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