Natural Remedies for Shiny Hair

Get shiny hair at home with simple, inexpensive tricks.

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Shiny hair is a key indicator of health and youth. It's also simple to get at home with a few tricks that help light reflect off your strands for a radiant, vital look. Essentially, when your hair cuticle lays flat, light bounces off the surface and creates that shiny look you crave. By smoothing the cuticle, you create hair that gleams everywhere you go.

Cold Water

Hot showers feel awesome, but cold water seals your hair's cuticle for shine. After you shampoo and condition, rinse your hair thoroughly to avoid a residue build-up. Once hair is rinsed totally clean and you're about to get out of the water, blast your hair with a shot of the most freezing water you can handle. Your hair's cuticle will flatten, helping to hide any damage from styling, heat, over-brushing or split ends. The result is a more even surface from which the light can reflect.


It might seem a little funny to sit around with a head full of mayonnaise, but the goopy stuff really works. Slather a liberal amount onto clean, damp hair and just hang out for 45 minutes to an hour while it works its magic. You can wrap a warm towel around your head if you want to really get the most out of the shine-inducing properties, but even left alone, your hair will be silky and ultra-shiny once you rinse it. Stay under the water to avoid a heavy feeling in your hair. You want nothing but shine left!

Hot Oil

Hot oil treatments work with vitamin E, a nourishing supplement that coats the hair and infuses it with strength and shine. Apply a tube of hot oil to your hair in the shower after you shampoo in place of your usual conditioner. Let it sit in your hair for up to three minutes and then rinse it clean. You may want to wear your hair loose after a hot oil treatment. Not only will you be able to show off your new shine that way, your hair may be slippery for the rest of the day.


Vinegar rinses are celebrated for imparting instant, high-gloss shine. The trick to it is the acidity. Your hair's cuticle will close right up when you douse it in either white or apple cider vinegar. Mix a couple of tablespoons of the vinegar of your choice with two cups of water. After you shampoo, dump the mixture on your hair, working it through your whole head. Don't rinse it out, though. The shine will be incredible! You might want to spritz a little perfume on the back of your neck to combat the scent.

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