Natural Remedies for Hair Bumps

Shaving can lead to hair bumps.

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You purchased that trendy miniskirt that all the fashion bloggers are going gaga over. Your freshly shaven, luxuriously soft legs commanded attention in that skirt. Then, a couple days later, you see it: a small, raised hair bump that’s about the size of an insect bite and just as irritated (can you say ouch?). These bumps occur when the tiny hairs on your body get trapped under your skin. But natural remedies can diminish those hair bumps and let you strut those sexy legs again.

Exfoliate Your Skin

If you've ever taken a close look at a hair bump, you can see that the hair is trying to break free from your skin. Unless it can push through, that hair bump is going to keep swelling. So mix salt or sugar with olive oil to make a gentle exfoliating scrub, and use it to slough away skin cells by rubbing it over the hair bump in a tender, circular motion. Daily exfoliation will gently fade away the hair bump and make your skin glow, too.

Calm Inflammation

Everyone knows how bad picking acne is. It makes your skin very angry, causing it to flare up, turn red and itchy, and possibly burn. Well, your skin doesn't like it when you pick at hair bumps either. Jabbing at one triggers inflammation and potential infection in an already irritated blemish. Apply a soothing substance like aloe vera gel or calendula oil to calm redness, swelling and burning. Your skin will be happy again, and you'll also reduce the potential for scarring.

Keep Skin Moisturized

You want soft, touchable skin because it makes you ... well, touchable. But another reason to keep your skin moisturized is because it helps heal hair bumps. Moisturized skin is easier to exfoliate, which means that hairs are less likely to become trapped. If you do get ingrown hairs, they can break free from moisturized skin much quicker than from dry skin. Use olive oil, coconut oil or sunflower oil to keep skin supple.

Steamy Shaving

Next time you prepare to flaunt your bare legs, groom your bikini line or shave your underarms, take a few measures to reduce the occurrence of hair bumps. If you're in the shower, let the steam from the hot water open up your pores. The hairs will be more exposed and hydrated, making shaving a smooth process. It will also moisturize your skin so that you won't nick yourself and create small scabs that can trap hairs.

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