Natural Remedies to Dissolve Blackheads

Get rid of blackheads with natural ingredients that won't irritate skin.

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You know that nothing in life is perfect. But that hasn't stopped you from from trying your best to keep blackheads away. From spot treatments to masks, facial washes to anti-acne creams, you've tried just about everything. What you may not have tried is a natural remedy to dissolve blackheads. There are several that effectively shrink blackheads while being gentle on your skin.

Tea Tree Oil

One of the ingredients you've probably become conditioned to looking for in an acne product is benzoyl peroxide. A 5 percent solution of tea tree oil is a natural alternative that, according to the Medical Journal of Australia, dissolves blackheads as successfully as 5 percent benzoyl peroxide with fewer side effects. Apply a tiny bit over blackheads to kill the bacteria that causes them and keep your skin dewy and fresh instead of dull and flaky.

Willow Bark

You may be thinking that natural remedies for treating blackheads sound intriguing, but there is no way you're giving up using products with salicylic acid. You know it works and you won't part with it. You don't have to. Willow bark is a natural source of salicylic acid. It has all the pore-cleansing, fungus-killing, cell-regenerating properties of its end product in a purer and milder form.

Germanium Oil

Germanium oil is a natural astringent and toner that you can use to cleanse your pores without stripping them of moisture. Oily skin is where blackheads pop up the most. It also makes your face shiny and muggy, destroying your makeup. Germanium oil sucks the acne-inducing oils out of your skin. It replaces the lost moisture with anti-bacterial emollients to keep skin supple.


Excessive oil production gets skin off balance. The oil mixes with the microscopic skin cells that you shed every day. Your pores get packed, trap dirt and grime and that starts the vicious cycle of blackhead breakouts. Lemongrass normalizes oil glands by reducing oil production. Because it's also an antioxidant, it helps you shed those dead skin cells that block your pores. With consistent use, you can cleanse away buildup and get younger-looking skin.

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