The Best Natural Oil to Use for Flat Ironing Relaxed Hair

Grapeseed oil has a high heat tolerance, making it a good natural oil for flat-ironing relaxed hair.

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Straight, relaxed hair and a flat-iron often go hand-in-hand. If you take a look in that flat-iron's other tightly clenched fist, you'll find what it is so desperately trying to disguise -- heat damage. Protect your relaxed tresses from flat-iron's sneaky-heat by using the best natural oil for heat-styling.

High Smoke Point

If you're a fiery lady who likes to turn up the heat on the flat iron for silky smooth locks, take a precautionary step before clamping down on that iron. Put a dollop of grapeseed oil in the palm of your hands, rub hands together and apply the oil to your hair. The point at which grapeseed oil starts to burn is 450 degrees. Most flat irons heat up to about 420 degrees. Since the grapeseed oil coats the hair, it keep your locks looking super hot, not fried.

Excellent Conditioning

You work hard to keep your relaxed hair looking top-model-like. It'd be a shame to do all of that work only to get breakage, split-ends and ragged edges. Grapeseed oil can remedy and prevent damage when used as a conditioning agent. You can use it as a hot-oil treatment or add several drops to your daily conditioner. The superb hydration you get from this oil can help make your strands sparkle.

Prevents Free Radical Damage

You're all too familiar with the perils of sun damage on your skin. Sunscreen, ginormous shades and wobbly wide hats are all a part of your UV ray protection arsenal. But unless all of your hair fits under that wide-brimmed hat, your tresses are being exposed to destructive UV rays. Grapeseed oil contains many antioxidants that fight free-radical damage. It helps protect your hair from all those nasty signs of hair-aging like dryness and color-fading.

Possible Additional Benefit

Though there aren't enough studies to support this claim, grapeseed oil is believed to help hair growth due to the vitamin E and lineolic acid in it. These properties are supposed to stimulate blood flow to the scalp while they make hair stronger, creating conditions for improved hair growth. There are a few dermatological studies, but no conclusive answers. For fierce ladies looking to add a few inches to their luscious manes, grapeseed oil may be worth a try. At any rate, it can improve your hair's condition, which is always important for retaining the growth that you've already achieved.

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